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Total Tools Service and Warranty Terms

Every Total Tool Power Tool and measuring tool is carefully controlled and tested and is subject to stringent inspections by Total Tools South Africa. Total Tools South Africa therefore offers a conditional guarantee for these products. The guarantee rights of the Buyer from the contract of sale with the seller as well as the statutory rights are not limited by this guarantee.

We offer a guarantee for these tools subject to the following conditions:


The guarantee is based on the terms below; we will repair tool defects free of charge within the guarantee period if a technical in-house evaluation by Total Tools South Africa confirms defect due to material fault or production error.

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Total Tools Power Tools are covered by 12 months guarantee period

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The guarantee period starts with the purchase by the first end user. The date of the original invoice or till slip receipt has to be provided

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In the event of a defect covered by this guarantee, we will remove this defect free of charge by measures of our choice: The defective tool will either be repaired or exchanged against a new or equivalent new or replacement model within our overall range of tools. Exchanged tools or parts will become the property of Total Tools South Africa

Excluded from this guarantee are:

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Parts, which are subject to operational wear or wear due to other normal consumption as well as tool defects that result from wear, or from wear due to other normal consumption.

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Defects of the tool, which are attributed to ignorance of operating instructions, to applications not in accordance with the intended use, to abnormal environmental factors, to extraneous operating conditions, to overloading or to improperly performed maintenance or cleaning.

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Defects of the tool, which are caused by use of accessories or spare parts which are not original Total Tools parts.

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Tools which have been modified or which have been provided with non-Total Tools supplements such as grease etc.

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Minor variances of the quality which are insignificant concerning the value or the suitability of the tool.

Any potential guarantee claim has to be assessed within the guarantee period. For this the tool in question together with the original invoice/till receipt (stating the date and the tool model) is to be sent to the seller or to one of the Total Tools South Africa authorized service centers/dealers. Partially or completely dismantled tools are not covered by this guarantee. The buyer bears the cost and risk of transport to and from the service center or dealer
Claims other than the right of repair of the defective tool as mentioned in these guarantee conditions are not covered by this guarantee.
The guarantee period of the tool will be not be extended or renewed by means of our guarantee services


Service Procedures and Turnaround Times


Once tools are received at Total Tools South Africa it will take minimum 2 Business days for an assessment and/or quote to be sent
If the Claim is a valid warrantee claim the damaged or faulty power tools will then be repaired with-in 5 business days
If the repair is for the cost of the customer then the repair will be repaired with-in 5 business days after signed authorization from customer. No repair will be started unless we have written consent of customer. 
Non warrantee claims will be returned unassembled if customer decides not to accept repair costs.
The customer bears the cost and risk of transport to and from the service center or dealer.

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